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If I Were a Boy - Beyonce

Rockschool Debut - Acoustic

This is an amazing piece to learn as it combines all the main techniques that you really need to get your head around - arpeggios (when you pick the strings of a chord separately), single note melodies and strumming chords.

This also makes it a tough piece but it is one of those that when you can play it well, you'll have seriously improved as a guitarist! Stick at it, it's worth it!

The piece starts with a lovely arpeggio line based on the Em, C, G and D chords, before we strum them. After this we have the melody line - be careful with this and make sure you know when to come in. This is explained in the video, but start by counting it. Also listen to the music a lot and watch this video following along in your book.

The melody lines, including the longer one, are repeated later as are the arpeggios. So once you've learnt them, you'll be set.

Make sure you've downloaded the music - follow the instructions in the inside cover of your books.

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