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Guitar Masterclass

Guitar Foundation Masterclasses 

Welcome to the Masterclass lessons. These are designed to give a strong foundation in the main areas of: Scales, Chords, Triads, Arpeggios and Phrasing. 

These PDF downloads provide all the information you need along with tabs, diagrams and exercises to progress. To get the most from them you will need to commit to your own improvement and to complete the exercises. 

You can download the Scale and Chord classes below and a taster version to try out. 

More are available on Patreon where you will also be able to find lots more like Tabs, Guitar Pro files, Extended Backing Tracks, Original Music, and more...

Head here to take a look : 

Guitar Masterclass


Guitar Masterclass


The Full Magic of Triads Lesson Includes Videos, Backing Tracks, Bonus Licks and more

Full Access Per Month 

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