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Free Guitar Lessons

Free Lessons

Quick guitar licks to give you some new ideas, expand on existing concepts, to challenge, or just to try out for a bit of fun. 

Bite-Sized Lessons for when you need a quick fix. It's amazing how much you can learn in 5 minutes. With Video, Tab and more. 

Lessons to get your teeth into. Scales, chord tones, arpeggios and more, with Videos,Tab, Diagrams, Exercises and Licks.  

Do you ever feel:

  • Overwhelmed with the amount of material out there and not know where to start?

  • Like you're stuck and have stopped progressing?

  • Like you don't really understand what notes or chords you're playing?

  • That you aren't sure why those notes and chords sometimes sound good and sometimes sound bad?

These lessons are for the serious player who really wants to get better. Aimed at the beginner to intermediate player and providing a solid foundation for all the higher level lessons. 

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