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Satriani Style Rock Backing Track

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Main rhythm based 'loosely' on Crushing Day with the rhythm accents falling frequently on the 4+ and 1+.

This is also slower so us mere mortals can play along - 130bpm with Crushing Day being around 164bpm.

There's also a nice slow middle 8 section for you to play around with.

'Section A' - based around Gm7, G7sus4, then Am7, A7sus4 with added accents of F/A.

'Section B' - Dsus4, Dm7, D5, Dm7 'Middle 8' - Dm7/A, Am7

Some Possible Scale Choices for Section A

G minor pentatonic

G Dorian Mode

For Section B

D minor pentatonic

D natural minor

D Dorian

D Phrygian

Basically for this section you have a lot of freedom given that the tonal centre hangs on D so much and has some 5 and suspended chords which are neither major nor minor. This means you can even experiment with major scales over those chords.

Whatever you do, have fun!

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