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Blues Jam Track in F

This Blues Jam track in F is at just under 80bpm at 78. It's a 8 bar blues, slightly less common than a 12 bar, but great to play along with.

The main section is:

F / F / F7 / F7

Bb / Bb / C7 / F

The break section is:

Gm / Am

When approaching this, there are lots of options, especially over the 7 chords.

The pentatonic scale is the obvious starting point, in this case the F major pentatonic. You can also start mixing in the F minor pentatonic as this works really well in a blues, especially over the 7 chords, which - because of the flat 7 - have a minor dissonance which works with a lot of different options. You can even consider diminished or half diminished arpeggios and scales especially over the C7 if you know them.

Keeping things simple though, the pentatonic scale is fantastic. Take a look here for more on this: Minor Pentatonic Lesson

Talking about 7 chords, the mixolydian mode is perfect here too. Here are the notes for the F mixolydian:

In the Gm Am section, this is calling for a G dorian mode. You can achieve this simply by playing in F major still, so the F major pentatonic will also help here if you're not sure about the full dorian.

Another easy way to approach the dorian, if you're happy with the pentatonic is discussed in the lesson here - In-depth Pentatonic Lesson - Position 1

You can simply add one note to the usual minor pentatonic to achieve a dorian sound - the 6th in the scale, which is an E. This means the G minor pentatonic will now look like this, with just one more colour note:

Here's also a diagram of the G dorian position one in a three-note-per-string pattern for you to investigate

Have fun with this jam track, and experimenting with the Dorian mode.

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