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Jam Pedals Wahcko Wah Plus

Wah pedals, you've got to love them. They allow us to get incredibly vocal-like expression in our playing and can be used in a number of ways.

As a most basic use, you can just rock it to the beat and it'll sound great; as you get more used to using them, you can experiment with different note durations, adding accents to the notes you want; you can rock it really fast and get a modulation style effect; you can leave it in one position to get a really cool filtered effect...

In fact, one of the coolest things about the wah is it's ability to allow us to express ourselves in different ways - and if you want to do this, you want a wah that sounds and feels amazing.

Enter the Jam Pedals Wahcko Wah.

I've used lots of wah pedals, starting with the ubiquitous Dunlop Cry Baby, then eventually finding and sticking with RMC wahs for a number of years, and these are also fantastic. But when I noticed that players as diverse as Niles Rogers, Richie Sambora, and Steve Lukather were raving about Jam Pedals Wahcko, I knew I had to try one out.

When I did, it kicked my RMC off the board right away!

Here's what those artists say about the pedal:

"I’m a mad user of JAM pedals! I probably have more Wahckos than anybody in the world! The reason I use Wahckos is because of expression. The moment I played a Wahcko, the type of expression was undeniable. It was so human-like in a way that it just touched my soul." Nile Rodgers

“I love the sweep of the Wahcko, very vocal like and sweet! What a fantastic wah!” Steve Lukather

"JAM pedals make the best wah pedal of all time as far as I’m concerned. It has more dexterity than anything else. Best wah-wah I’ve ever had and I’ve had a bunch of them!" Richie Sambora

As Niles Rodgers says, there is just something so human sounding with this pedal. I'm aware this might sound a little weird put like this, but this seems the best way to describe the tonal sweep of this beautiful thing: it's just perfect.

Main Features:

1. RED Fasel inductor

2. Carbon-Comp resistors

3. 6-position rotary switch for different frequency sweep range

4. internal trimmer for adjusting the input gain

5. mini LED

The Wahcko features a bufferless proprietary circuit design that allows for impedance sensitive pedals, like germanium fuzz boxes to be placed after the Wahcko with no issues!

The tone is amazing, as I've already mentioned, but I absolutely love the 6 position switch. Every position is a useable sound, and it's so simple to find the one that works best for you and your gear. You'll probably find that you fall in love with one or two of the positions, but to be able to swap guitar and then simply switch to another position if needed is wonderful.

Check out the video here:

Head to the Jam Pedals page HERE

Listen to what Nile Rodgers says here:

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