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Electro Harmonix Green Russian Big Muff Reissue Review

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

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I was very excited to get my hands on this green beast. A Muff that has a huge sound, a massive bottom end, but enough sizzle for soaring solos. Lovely!

The original #ElectroHarmonix Green Russian came out in the '90s and was an instant hit with bass players as well as guitarists. This reissue has evolved nicely with a pedal board friendly sized enclosure, true bypass switching, an LED, and a standard 9v centre negative socket and, according to their website, only a 2.2 mA power draw.

This pedal has very useable sounds in all settings, but for me the volume around 12 o'clock, the sustain up from 3/4 to full and the tone adjusted to taste and to the guitar, and the #GreenRussianMuff just soars. You get roaring, floor-shaking fuzz but also instant Gilmour-like tones with some added reverb, delay and modulation of your choice.

Lower the sustain below noon and you get into crunchy overdrive territory. A warm pedal that has a ton of lows, plenty of mids, but also a nice sizzle that will help cut through the mix.

I wanted to test the lows and the articulation of this pedal in this demo and so used the pedal with the sustain right down with a P-bass, and then with the sustain from 3/4 to full for the guitar parts, for which I used a #WaghornGuitar 7 string with drop A tuning.

The pedal performed amazingly, tracking both the low rhythmic sections with aplomb but also having no issues at all with the faster solo sections. There is a warmth, articulation and clarity to this pedal which is very impressive in deed.

Final thoughts: if you want a #BigMuff that has a massive sound, that can make the windows rattle and shake your bones, but still have the articulation and definition for soaring solos, this really does an amazing job.

Check it out on the EHX site:

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