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Blues Shuffle Jam Track in B

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

This blues shuffle jam track is great for practising all those blues licks you know and love or for trying out new ideas.

Remember, as all the chords are dominant 7 you have a lot of freedom in scale choices.

Here are some recommendations:

B min pentatonic

B maj pentatonic

B blues scale

B mixolydian

Another great approach is to follow the chords and change scale to suit. Start simply using just pentatonic scales over the track changing key with the chords: play B min pentatonic over the B7 chord, E min pentatonic over the E7 chord etc.

Also don't forget to outline the chords using arpeggio based ideas. This works great and can help bring a slightly jazzier feel especially if you link the arpeggios chromatically.

For example, the maj 3rd of the B7 can be dropped back one fret to become the b7 of the E7 or moved forward one fret for the b7 of the F#7.

We can also quite easily use the 5th, b5th, 4th, 3rd, b3rd and 2nd which gives us a few chromatic notes all lined up together beautifully. Just use the weaker tones like the b5th as passing notes though, don't hang on them.

Most importantly, have fun!

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