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A Minor Jam Track- Just A minor. Perfect for practising licks.

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

This one's in A minor throughout and is great for practising new licks and ideas to.

Unsure of what to play? Visit ----------->

For a lesson on the A minor pentatonic scale and some licks to learn and use. 

Other suggested scales:

A minor pentatonic

A minor blues scale 

A dorian mode

A aeolian mode (natural minor)

Arpeggios to consider:

A minor 7

A minor 9

E minor 7 - giving you the 5th, b7, 9th, 11th. Finish on a strong A minor chord tone though - A, C, E. 

C major 7 - giving you the b3, 5th, b7, 9th. As above, finish on a strong chord tone. 

Experiment with some chromatic passes. eg, try hitting a semitone above the A (Bb) then a semitone below the A (Ab) quickly before landing on the A to resolve. 

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