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Joyo King of Kings

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

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There can be no doubt that #Joyo are putting out some great sounding #guitar #pedals at a very good price.

No, they aren’t hand-wired, and no, they aren’t likely to ever become the new fad among snobbish pedal buyers. BUT, they sound amazing and the build quality is easily good enough to ensure they work for years to come.

The Joyo King of Kings is unashamedly a copy of the Analogman King of Tone, just like the Tone City ‘King of Blues’ pedal.

As mentioned in King of Blues review here, the Analogman pedal goes for crazy prices, around £700 now in the UK on eBay, or you can wait for around 5 years if you want to go on the wait list. Yes, you read that right, 5 years!

This is why I’d take a Joyo pedal any day of the week at the moment.


It’s a dual drive pedal and these stack in series enabling a load of different tonal options. There is a diode clipping switch, similar to the internal switch on the Analogman version, which allow you to set either side to clean/OD/or distortion clipping modes.

Then we have the standard Volume, Gain and Tone controls for each side.

And that’s it. So pretty simple compared to some overdrive pedals these days, but maybe deceptively so as those clipping switches allow lots of variety in use.


Check out the video here for some of the sounds you can get from this thing:



Check the link:

A great pedal for the price with plenty of very useable sounds easily obtainable. Main uses would be on the lighter side of things, so blues, funk, light rock, but it can also push a slightly overdriven tube amp pretty well.

Buy if looking for a dual drive pedal that will get you close the famous King of Tone by Analogman but don’t want to spend a crazy amount of money

Pass if you can afford the Analogman version or want something for music of a heavier nature.

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13 sept. 2022

Thx for the review. Very useful:)

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