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Sam Goffen Guitar

Guitar Lessons

Free Lessons

From quick licks to concepts and techniques. Something for every one.

Guitar Gear Reviews


Check them Out For Free

Guitar Foundation Masterclasses

In depth Classes that cover





Phrasing and More...

These Lessons provide a Solid Foundation in Theory and Practice for any Guitarist. 

With Diagrams, Tab, Exercises and Examples to work through - Check them out here.

Gear Reviews

Sharing My Love of Guitar Gear, Especially Pedals, and Helping You to Make the Right Gear Choices for You

Jam Tracks

For practising Technique, New Licks or Just Jamming Out and Having Fun

You can then also get access to Exclusive Material:

More Masterclass Lessons


Guitar Pro Files

Extended Backing Tracks

Original Music

Sneak Peaks and more.

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