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Master The Dorian Pentatonic

Continuing with our in depth look at the Dorian Mode, this time we're looking at the Dorian Pentatonic.

This great scale is easily adapted from one of the most common scales used on the guitar, the Minor Pentatonic.

This makes it easy to learn and use, and being a Pentatonic scale, it has only the most important notes in it, really emphasising the main chord tones and then the Dorian colour tone of the natural 6th.

If you missed the first lesson on the Dorian Mode, where we go into more theory, the main scale and some chord progressions, you should head here: The Dorian Mode

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And here's the Dorian Pentatonic Lesson:

Do follow through with all the exercises and playing along with the backing track. It's all there as a resource for you to use and to improve with.

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