Free Lick Friday - Sus2 Arpeggio Lick

Updated: Apr 13

Free Lick Friday - Sus2 Arpeggios and More

Welcome back and thanks for checking out this new lick.

This is a fun one with a little twist. Chances are you're used to playing a few arpeggios and they are fantastic things - they ensure you're targeting all the important chord tones for starts.

This lick uses Sus2 arpeggios though, and the reason I love these, as well as Sus4 ones, is that they have no major or minor tonality. This means that firstly they can be played over a major or minor chord - how cool is that, and secondly, they also sound a little different from a standard arpeggio, so if you throw a few of these into your playing it can make it a little more unique sounding.

Have fun!! For PDF Tabs, Guitar Pro Files, and a Walkthrough of the lick head to

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