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Sam Goffen

Based in Wiltshire, England

Guitar Lessons For You


Get what you need...

Built around you to get you where you want to be.

Break through those barriers and bust that rut!

Face to Face

In a home studio with quality recording facilities. 

Motivating lessons that will move you forward. 

For people who are serious about improvement.

Get out of that rut and move forward!

Face to Face


If you live too far away, no fear, you can still get the best lessons for you via Skype.

Same great personalised lessons without the travel.

Video Lessons

Available to buy separately or as bundles - check out the freebies first.

Access included as part of your Face to Face or Skype lessons.

Flexible learning - take control of your progress. 

Video Lessons

 Jam Tracks

Huge fun to play along with, but also learn with.

Practise your new chops in context.

Play your technical exercises with the tracks instead of a metronome.

Experiment with new ideas.  

Or just kick back and have fun!

Jam Tracks
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